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sisteria [userpic]

My Lip Service Wardrobe Part II

August 2nd, 2008 (11:52 am)

Achtung Playtime
Militia Jacket                                         black/candy apple red           size P                     #38-420 
                                    (Chick's corporal uniform shirt)

Astro Vamps II             
Red vain bustier                                     black/black                         size S                    #80-112

Astro Vamps II              Erotic torture racer skirt                          black/black                         size  S                   #80-115

Bio-Threat II                  "Fallout Shelter" Sweater Top                  black/black                        size S                    #97-230

Black Dog Sweaters      Tunic top                                               grey                                    size P                    #34-51

Black Dog Sweaters      Tunic top                                               black                                  size M                    #34-51

Corporate Vampire       "Creature of Statute" Cap Sleeve Top       black                                  size S                    #49-236

Corporate Vampire       "Creature of Statute" Cap Sleeve Top       wine                                    size S                    #49-236

Corporate Vampire       "Common Blood" Halter Vest                   wine                                    size S                    #84-65        

Corporate Vampire       "Liability"  Mini Skirt                               black                                   size S                   #84-71     

Corporate Vampire      "Corporate Coven" High Waisted Skirt      black                                   size S                    #84-73   

Corporate Vampire      "Corporate Coven" High Waisted Skirt      wine                                     size S                    #84-73 

Corporate Vampire      "The devil wears Blacklist" Dress Pants   wine                                     size 26                   #84-77

Corporate Vampire      "The devil wears Blacklist" Dress Pants   black                                    size 27                  #84-77

Corporate Vampire      "Civil Suit" Jacket                                  black                                    size S                   #84-72

Dying for daggers         "1985" Mini skirt                                    purple/black                         size S                    #56-261

Dying for daggers         "Desperate for daggers" Hoodie              purple/black                          size S                  #56-258

Fatal Fatiques               "Just Defy" V-Neck Top                         green camo                         size S                   #56-283

Fatal Fatiques               "Just Defy" V-Neck Top                         grey  camo                          size S                   #56-283

LS Division III              "Smirnoff's Own" Long Sleeve Top           black/military green                size S                  #49-234

LS Division III              "Smirnoff's Own" Long Sleeve Top            oxblood/black                        size S                  #49-234

LS Division III              "Trans-Siberian" Long Coat                      black/military green                size S                  #27-180

LS Division III               
"Trans-Siberian" Long Coat                     oxblood/black                       size S                  #27-180

Rockshow                   "Music is my Master" French                    black                                   size S                  #73-260
                                    Terry Hoddie 

Steam Machine            "Tick Tock" Under Bust Corset                black                                    size S                  #74-66

Steam Machine            "Steam this,Punk!" Pencil Skirt               black                                    size S                  #29-173

Steam Machine            "Copper Proper" Victorian jacket              black                                    size S                  #29-171

Stretch f**k'n twill        Grave Digger                                          black                                  size 28                #M63-074
                                    Cargo Pants

Stretch f**k'n twill         Zombie Rock Vest                                black                                    size S                 #63-276 

THMWAR                     School girl shirt                                      white/black                          size S                    #46-416

THMWAR                     School girl shirt                                      black/blackwatch                 size S                    #46-416

sisteria [userpic]

My Lip Service Wardrobe

July 17th, 2008 (02:21 pm)

Achtung Playtime
Militia Jacket                 black/black                        size S                     #38-420 
                                    (Chick's corporal uniform shirt)

Achtung Playtime           Leutenant's uniform        black/black                        size S                     #38-410

Achtung Playtime           Chick's corporal             black/black                        size S                     #38-309 
                                    uniform skirt

Beyond the                  
Asymmetrical Mini           black                                 size  M                   #63-209

Beyond the                  
Apocalyptic bondage       black                                 size 5                     #63-204
                chick pants

Beyonde the                
Battle cap                       black                                 size M                    #63-206

Beyonde the                 Battle fatigue belt            black                                 size M                    #63-208

Bio Threat                    
Long Sleever                   black/silver                        size S                     #97-159

Blacklist Core               Cotton sateen corset        black                                 size  S                   #87-83

Blacklist Core               Pointed collar shirt           black                                 size S                    #49-209
                                    (Shivers down your spine)

Blacklist Core               Pointed collar shirt           white                                  size S                    #49-209
                                    (Shivers down your spine)

Blacklist Core             
Pointed collar shirt            black                                 size S                    #49-210
                                   (Vantage point)

Blue bell knoll                 Long skirt                      black                                 size  M                    #92-165

Blue bell knoll                 Long skirt                       purple                                size M                     #92-165

Blue bell knoll                Long sleever                    purple                                size S                     #92-163

Blue bell knoll                Long sleever                    purple                                size P                     #92-163

Blue bell knoll               Cap sleeve top                  black                                size M                     #92-164

Bombay Bandanas         Dagger argyle scarf           black                                 os                          #14-120

Dead and gone               Cap sleeve top                 black                                 size S                    #43-78

Dead and gone               Cap sleeve top                 burgund                             size S                    #43-78

Dead and gone               Body snatcher                  black                                 size S                   #43-73
                              long skirt

Devil Dolls II                
Corsetted Cap Sleeve Top   black                                 size S                      #14-102

Devil Dolls II                Only the lonely                  black                                   size S                      #14-105
                                   pencil knee skirt

Division LS                
Schultzs L/S Snap           black/blood                          size S                      #49-223
Up Top 

Division LS                 Schultzs L/S Snap            green/blood                         size  S                     #49-223

                                   Up Top

Division LS                
Thermal                black/green                          size  S                     #12-104  
                                   Long Sleeve   

Division LS                 Screen Thermal                black/red                             size S                       #12-104
Long Sleeve

Division LS                 Screen Thermal                black/wht.                            size S                       #12-104
Long Sleeve 

Division LS                 Control freak tank             black/blood                         size S                       #16-272     

Division LS                 Panzer division                 black/blood                         size S                       #27-161 
                                   mini  skirt

Division LS                 Wanderlust harness          black/blood                         size S                       #27-157

Division LS                 Front line pants                black/blood                          size S                       #27-160

Evening's Affair          Lace and flower corset       wine                                    size S                      #45-116

Fash-ist Fishnet           Chicks long sleever          black                                  size S                      #48-11

Gangsta pranksta          Anita Jacket                   solid  black                        size S                     #53-92

Gangsta pranksta          Lace up back bodice       solid black                         size M                     #53-161

Gangsta pranksta          Lace up back bodice       black/wht.                          size M                     #53-161

Gangsta pranksta          Annette's Saturday
Night Special Dress
         solid black                          size S                     #53-80

Gangsta pranksta         Fancy Neck Tie
                                   dress                              solid black                          size S                     #53-155

Gangsta pranksta        Rita's Brothers Pants        solid black                          size S                     #53-74 

Gangsta pranksta        Carmen's Classic             black/blue  pinstr.                size  M                    #53-75

Gangsta pranksta        Boy shorts                       solid black                          size M                     #53-162

Gangsta pranksta        Boy shorts                       black/wht. pinstr.                  sample

Gangsta pranksta        Bondage mini skirt          
black/wht. pinstr.                  size 3                      #53-157

Gangsta pranksta       
Mid-lenght skirt                solid black                           size S                      #53-73

Gloomy sunday          Blouse                             black                                   size S                     #83-131

Gloomy sunday          Pintucked long skirt          black                                   size S                     #83-132

Kill City                      Homewrecker Blazer         solid black                           size S                      #63-199

Kill City                      Ruffed up rugby                black                                   size M                      #85-81
                                  Long Sleever

Kill City                      Eagle gives bunny a
                                  free ride short sleeve tee    green                                   size M                     #?????

Laced up lyrics           Shrug                               black                                  size S                      #56-239

Laced with poison      Ethanol effect dress          black                                   size S                       #25-83

Laced with poison      Strichnine kiss top            black                                   size S                       #25-81

Laced with poison      Lithium princess top          black                                   size S                       #25-79

Laced with poison      Arsenic bodice top            black                                   size M                       #25-84 

Laced with poison      Lethal lace leggings          black                                   size S                       #25-82

LS Daggers                 Classic dagger leggings    black/bone                           size 5                       #56-205

Lunar Dolls II              Girls Pants                      black                                    size S                      #63-158

Mein Commandante  
The Propoganda
               black                                   size S                       #38-246
                                   Youth mini skirt

Mein Commandante  
Chaos Star jacket            black/red                              size  M                      #38-245

No Rest for the           Witches don't walk           black                                    size 3                        #84-57

No Rest for the           Miriams Cami                  black                                     size S                       #84-55  

Patched up screen    
Racer back tank              black                                     size S                       #73-128

Punk & Disorderly      Bondage top                    solid black                            size P                       #46-294

Punk & Disorderly      Bondage skirt                  solid black                            size S                       #46-228

Rippin' Kittin's           Tank top                          black/olive                            size M                       #73-132

Rippin' Kittin's           Long sleever                     black/olive                            size S                       #73-134

State of

Constriction III           Hook & Eye Top                black                                   size S                       #80-98

Stretch f**k'n twill      Heart of Darkness            black                                    size S                       #63-264

Stretch f**k'n twill      Dagger blood jacket         black                                    size S                       #63-262

Stretch f**k'n twill      Chick's buckle skirt         black                                   size S                        #63-87

Suspect Device           Alchemist skull &            black                                   size S                        #49-188
                                  crossbones top

Tarts in tartans            Edinburgh deathwish        black                                   size  S                      #46-461

Tarts in tartans            Path sorrows                   navy/green/black                   size S                       #46-455
                                   corset skirt

Teacher hit me           Peer pressure jumper        blackwatch                           size S                       #46-490
with a ruler

THMWAR                   Teasing the professor       white/red plaid                        size S                      #46-193

THMWAR                   Peer pressure jumper       black                                    size S                       #46-490

THMWAR                   Detention Hall                  black                                    size S                       #46-489
                                  Button front Vest

Vagabond goths         Long shirt                        black                                    size S                       #49-174

Vagabond goths         Ruffle top                        black                                    size S                       #92-127

Work detail                Sexy s
ecretary shirt           white/black straps                 size S                       #38-268

Work detail                Sexy secretary shirt           black/vinyl straps                 size S                       #38-268

Work detail                Secretary vinyl lace up       black                                    size S                      #38-192

Work detail                Chicks Collar Shirt            white/black vinyl                     size S                      #38-260
                                  with tie

Work detail                Chicks Collar Shirt            black/black vinyl                    size S                      #38-260
                                   with tie

Work Detail               Stretch Poplin Cop Dress    black/black                           size S                       #49-69

sisteria [userpic]

Lip Service wishlist

June 16th, 2008 (03:20 pm)

Morbid curiosity blouse (2003) black size S      #92-87

Fashionista resistance pencil skirt (2003)  black size S

Mein commandante blouse (2001) size S   #38-244

Blue bell knoll Long sleever black size  S    #92-163  

Lunar dolls II skirt size S   #63-159

Beyond the thunderdome Stripped down corset  size S or M #63-207

Fatal Fatigues Annihilation Junkie Fit Pants size 26 green camo #28-182


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